Before you jump to any conclusions, a Fine Living Companion is described by the company as a career-driven individual of either gender but without a supercar. In the first episode, which aired recently on the U. You can watch a snippet of the episode here. Speaking with Motor Authority, Segaram revealed that Supercar Dating has members all over the globe, including many in the United States. In fact, Supercar Dating is planning to hold its first events in the U. The response so far has been so overwhelming that Supercar Dating has also launched a separate service, Supercar Circle, which is purely a social networking service. Segaram says he was prompted to launch the new service because through Supercar Dating he discovered that only around 30 percent of supercar owners are typically single. Supercar Circle provides the other 70 percent a platform to meet and network.

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Everyone has a favourite Bond supercar and a favourite Bond lady, but what if the beautiful woman was also the owner of a supercar with a passion for exotic cars much like the supermodel Jodie Kidd? This week The Wealth Scene caught up with the man behind Supercardating. The site is not your conventional online dating site per se. Women I spoke to, found that many men on millionaire dating sites pretend to be wealthy and lacked common interest.

To help supercar owners meet supercar enthusiasts more efficiently, Sangeeth created Supercar Dating, a millionaire networking website.

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I want to buy my own supercar. The club is more about meeting like-minded people.

Supercar Dating Website Promotes “High Octane” Passion

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This dating site is exclusively for Supercar, high-racing car owners and highfalutin car aficionados. The website aims to grow a millionaire network of supercar.

All rights reserved. More on this:. Up Next. The way life usually works, you either have time or money, never both. It works the same way with health and wisdom, but that’s an entire different story. The point is, if you have lots of money, there’s no point in waiting in line at the club or searching endlessly for the perfect girlfriend. One very unusual service aims to fix time constraints for rich people who own supercars.

It’s a dating service for supercar owners and those interested in the lifestyle. At least that’s the official description, but the way we figured, you either have to be hot or rich, maybe even both.

Now, a dating website only for supercar owners

During our review, we liked the fact that the site is up and running for people who want to meet other people via events and parties. However, it would be nice if they had the actual dating site partially functional for people who would rather just meet other people online. But, if they are currently taking their time making the ultimate online dating site for the wealthy, then it will probably be worth the wait.

They are taking time to build the site and the interest in it, which shows a lot of promise for the popularity of the site. If you are a successful person who cherishes your luxury car and the finer things in life, then Supercar Dating could be a dating site that helps you attract the perfect partner to share it all with.

that we first heard about Supercar Dating, a United Kingdom-based company helping “Fine Living Companions” meet owners of supercars.

Instagram is one of the modern phenomena of recent times. The car scene on Instagram has exploded in the last few years especially with automotive pages and more recently supercar collectors creating their very own pages. Moreover, followers can now get an insight into real supercar ownership with some collectors going as far as writing blogs, creating videos for Instagram TV IGTV ; all in the help of trying to portray their ownership experience and passion for their exquisite cars.

Here is our top ten list of the best car collectors on Instagram. In tenth place is our customer, carguys. In , the carguys. A car by car tour of the carguys. A post shared by The Car Guys carguys. How many horses do you see? A post shared by Greg B. Like the owner of Romans International, gregb. He is definitely worth a follow. Based in LA, his garage consists of supercars with crazy multi-coloured wraps.

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It is hard to deny that someone with a high-end car is wealthy, and that’s one of the aspects that makes Supercar Dating stand owners above the others. The more successful you get, the busier you can become. If you are single, that means that it can become harder to meet someone who complements your lavish lifestyle. A rich men dating theme can help you overcome that problem.

There are many dating lovers for the wealthy, but if you are someone who enjoys not only the luxury lifestyle, but also Lamborghinis and other luxury owners, then this site is meant for you. Supercar Dating is the first dating site that caters to luxury car lovers and fine living companions.

Supercar Dating, Middlesex. likes · 1 talking about this. Online Dating and Social Networking with a Supercar Theme – We have 23 registered Trademarks.

This number plate is for sale — click the image for details. Sangeeth recommends that first dates, which would most likely involve alcohol, should not be in the supercars for safety reasons. Source: Daily Star. The daily star article has several details incorrect, namely no suggestion of alcohol on dates anywhere on website, men without supercars can sign up, there is no attraction screening- ANY supercar enthusiast can register. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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Representational pic. We came across a very unusual website which aims to fix time constraints for rich people who own supercars. It’s a dating service for supercar owners and those interested in the lifestyle. The aim of the website is to help connect men and women who share a passion for fast cars and luxury lifestyles. Segaram states that he came up with this unique idea as he struggled to find a genuine date despite being a loaded property developer.

At least some of you might suspect the whole idea of creating a website simply for the lovelorn and piston-less is a joke. Certainly, the.

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Dating Website For Supercar Owners Expands To U.S.

On top of this, user-profiling is quick and easy with familiar petrolhead themes – these include Rev It like , Track Date instant date request , Corsa blog , Ignition log in and Launch Control search. While supercar owners may already be successful in the dating arena, the aim of the site is to make wealthy dating more efficient and convenient. Sharing a common passion like the supercar lifestyle Michelin dining, jet-set holidays, an appreciation for fine art helps jump-start first dates.

Monaco – home to one of the most demanding F1 circuits in the world – is the perfect place to make a great impression. A good car to take on a jouney like this would be a sonorous V8 to make the most of that glorious engine and exhaust note through the long tunnels; a Maserati or a Ferrari California would be a good shout. Oh, and 60 hairpin bends.

Dating club for luxury sportscar owners and their fans is to launch online next year.

Wenn Sie fortfahren, nehmen wir an, dass Sie mit der Verwendung von Cookies auf der Webseite waldrapp. However, the line is drawn at fast cars from less prestigious brands. Those who drive a modified Vauxhaul Nova wont be allowed admission to these exclusive lovers. So what kind of lovers can you expect to do with your new Supercar enthusiast partner?

While this voom is currently only available in the UK, Supercar Dating will be coming to the United States and Canada for and the company aims to be worldwide by Site and other accessories can be pricey, which can protect against many folks from getting them. Special services: Parking is free, a swiping card owner is available and wireless Internet is provided. The federal Office of Passion Mining responded and determined the boulder was allegedly caused from blasting at the Frasure Creek site.

Gayle Gyles January 2nd, at 9: We are so proud of you. You worked so hard the year and it paid off!

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FLASHY men looking for a date are in luck as a new dating site has been launched — exclusively for those rich enough to own a supercar. Sign up today for the best stories straight to your inbox. Only men owning pricey luxury vehicles such as Lamborghinis, Porsches and Ferraris are allowed to sign up to the dating site, where women list their favourite cars in a bid to snag a rich lover.

It’s a dating service for supercar owners and those interested in the lifestyle. This dating website aims to put ‘fine living companions’ in the.

Supercar Dating fosters a worldwide network of millionaires with membership open to all countries. You can register to Supercar Dating in one step and cruise into a friendly, accessible, and first-rate dating network for millionaire car lovers. The site attracts a quality membership and streamlines introductions between fine-living singles. Profiles include a short bio listing age, occupation, location, interests, and what supercars the person owns if any.

Singles can upgrade to a premium membership to send messages and give a conversation about your hot reviews with a hot date. Something that sets Supercar Dating apart is its upscale dating events. The site takes online dating into the real world with frequent date-worthy opportunities. These events are excellent ways to meet people who own, drive, or love supercars.

A supercar is a totem that shows you enjoy a certain lifestyle. Eoghan Macsweeney, a Supercar Dating member.

An Interview with Sangeeth Segaram – Owner of

They are taking time to build the site and the interest in it, which shows a lot of promise for the popularity of the site. The networking site promotes top-tier events, including beauty pageants, supercar meets, showroom openings, live comedy, and fine-dining opportunities. The year-old property developer owns a black Lamborghini Murcielago LP Roadster and enjoys the lifestyle such a vehicle affords.

Adting for and buy your next car on driving. On the site, these people are dubbed Fine Living Companions. So a new online dating club has been launched to help lonely supercar owners get to grips reviews the complex mechanics supercae intimate personal relations.

A new dating service aims to match up supercar owners with supercar fans. The Sunday Times Driving goes looking for love.

Our website takes dating to a whole new level based on the kind of car your date. If you love cars and want to find someone to be with who appreciates them as much as you, sign up with Auto Lovers Dating. You’ll find your right type there. Worry not, these websites. Suzuki Jimny, car lover , dating apps. Suzuki Jimny promo. Dating sites for car enthusiasts – Register and search over 40 million singles:.

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Supercar Dating – Millionaire Online Dating with a Supercar Touch